Learn why top healthcare firms outsource most administrative tasks and how this can increase efficiency, save time, and boost your bottom line!

Some people believe that “time is of the essence” and others claim it’s “money.” This can be said about many aspects of a business. In the medical field, doctors would agree that the difference between saving a person’s life and losing them entirely has to do with time. Patients come to clinics expecting immediate solutions to their medical problems, but in some cases can take too long.

The problem here is that doctors have too many patients and not enough time. Administrative tasks like documenting, and insurance checks creep into the time meant for patient care.

The advantages of outsourcing these office tasks can be a great option for any doctor in private practice. It can save time and provide doctors with the ability to dedicate more time to patient care. Healthcare outsourcing has proven its benefits in the industry, so here are 5 top benefits of outsourcing in healthcare:

1. Deliver Better Patient Care

Doctors are being challenged by the increasing demand for high-quality patient-oriented documentation. However, the need for doctors to make quality records has been associated with greater inconvenience and less job satisfaction when doctors spend more time on documentation than they do with patients.

Doctors spend an average of 3 hours each day on the administrative paperwork. That’s enough time to see about 8 patients–but instead, they’re stuck in the office. How it works for physicians today is by outsourcing these tasks to a medical virtual assistant. They have the potential to improve the key aspect of high-quality care: the doctor-patient relationship.

2. Handled by the right person

One of the advantages of outsourcing healthcare administrative tasks is giving those jobs to an expert. This will give you a little more time for quality patient interaction, which is your main function. You can then diagnose and treat patients more effectively.

One of the pros of outsourcing is gaining access to skilled professionals who handle administrative tasks like quality documentation. Your organization needs to hire a skilled professional who is ready to take on a job of any complexity and has vast experience and training in carrying out specific tasks.

You can still do most tasks personally, but as you go through your day-to-day routine, remember that there are a lot of things that you could delegate. For instance, virtual assistants can take on referrals and respond to inbound and outbound phone calls. They also work with insurance verification, prior authorizations, and any other back-office tasks.

3. Save time and money 

Saving time and money is often the main reason why medical practices choose to outsource. You can save a significant amount of money by hiring virtual assistants, which could have gone towards hiring more staff members. By outsourcing, you’ll be able to spend less time and money, training employees.

Outsourcing can drastically cut costs for supplies, furniture, and hardware which allows you to reinvest in patient services research and amenities to improve patient care.

4. Enhances patient experience

One of the top frustrations that patients have is waiting to be seen. This leads to unhappy, disgruntled customers who either never return or complain about the customer service they received at your clinic. Outsourcing your billing and call center can help you reduce queues and improve the patient experience by meeting their needs faster. 

The average phone hold time for a call to your office is 5-7 minutes, which may be too long if you have patients waiting at the front desk. Virtual Healthcare Assistants can answer your incoming calls and deal with billing-related calls, prescription refill requests, and other patient needs while they’re waiting. 

5. The Peace Of Mind Outsourcing Your Administrative Tasks Bring

Eliminating paperwork is one of the best things you can do today in your medical practice. By assigning work tasks to your Virtual Healthcare Assistant, you’ll have fewer meetings, less writing, and more time spent on other activities that will produce better results.

Let technology work for you and discover all the ways it can improve your work life. What are you spending your time on? Making sure patients’ needs are met or making sure enough documentation was done? Technology can help you do both and more. Improve what matters most to you and your patients, and outsource the rest.

The more satisfied patients are with their care and experience, the higher your hospital will rank in ratings. To get a better satisfaction rating from patients, you need more time. After all, it’s about giving them value for what they’re paying for.

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