Top 10 Benefits Of Hiring A Medical Virtual Assistant

Top 10 Benefits Of Hiring A Medical Virtual Assistant
Last updated: Mar 01, 2023

You don't need a physical office to hire medical virtual assistants. That's Just one of the multiple reasons why medical VA's are essential for practices.

It's not unusual to hear healthcare professionals say "I wish I could clone myself! I have too much on my table!"

Science has advanced significantly in recent years, but we're not yet at the point where you can clone yourself. That's why we recommend using a virtual medical assistant. Virtual assistants are great for helping you with tasks without demanding expensive in-person service.

In-person employees can be expensive, which is why more medical offices, dental practices, and even businesses are turning to virtual assistants. VAs provide the same level of service, but they work for a fraction of the cost.

One of the most popular benefits of hiring a virtual assistant is the money you save. However, here are 10 other big advantages of getting help from a virtual assistant.

1. Save time

When your time is valuable, work doesn't stop when you're done with clients. Your VA can keep everything organized and running smoothly so that you can continue to focus on what matters most: building your practice or enjoying the hobbies that make you happy.

2. Increased focus

Virtual assistants are trained with one goal in mind: To take the tasks off your plate and make your life easier. When you hire a virtual assistant, you’ll no longer have to spend hours a day shuffling papers, answering phone calls, or scheduling appointments.

3. Expand your reach

In order to attract new customers and keep up with current ones, marketing is a big part of your business. However, it can be tough to find the time for it. Why not outsource this task? A virtual assistant will be able to easily take on simple tasks connected with internet marketing like posting on social media, replying to email inquiries, or answering questions online.

4. Save staffing cost

In-house staff can be costly, especially if your office is located in an expensive city like San Francisco, Washington, or New York. These cities' in-office staff wages can cost as much as $40 an hour or more, but virtual assistants are paid less for the same work - as little as $10 per hour. Since virtual assistants are virtual and can live anywhere, many of them will gladly take lower wages than you could find in your own city.

5. No payment for benefits

One of the best benefits of using a virtual employee is that you don't have to pay for benefits. If you have in-house employees, you’re probably required to provide them with time off, medical insurance, dental insurance, and other perks. You won't need to worry about those “extras” if you work with a virtual staffing agency instead though—those fees are taken care of by the outside company.

6. Grow your practice without physical expansion

You don't have to move your business to grow it. For a long time, growing your business meant hiring more people and moving into a bigger, more expensive location that would meet your needs. But when you use virtual assistants, none of these requirements are necessary. You could expand your staff to twice the size in the same location you're in now, giving you more freedom and resources to focus on what truly moves the needle: marketing, training, upgrading equipment, and other revenue-generating processes rather than overhead

7. Increase productivity

One of the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant is the extra time and space it gives to do important things that are tough to squeeze in during a typical work day. You’ll have access to an extra pair of hands when taking on administrative and customer service tasks—in short, it will increase your business’ productivity. But every business is different, so don't worry about adding too many—if you start seeing diminishing returns as you add more VAs, just cut back.

8. Escape troublesome labor laws

As a business owner, you can avoid troublesome labor laws with the help of a virtual assistant that's outside the country. When you're considering whether to fire an employee that isn't performing to your standards, let them know and they will depart without complications. You don't have to worry about U.S. labor laws when working with a VA that is not in this country because they cannot bring suit against you in your home courtyard.

9. Improved customer service

By integrating a VA into your workflow, you'll increase customer satisfaction and improve customer service. When your current staff becomes stressed, customer service tends to suffer as well. With a virtual assistant on board, your customers will get the lightning-fast service that they expect and deserve.

10. Preserve your peace of mind

Running a business can take its toll on you, and it can be hard to balance the demands of your personal life with those of your business. But don't worry - managing your spaces doesn't have to be a full-time job. Putting a virtual assistant on your team means that you no longer have to worry about project deadlines or customer service issues when you're out of the office. You'll also avoid undue stress from searching for office space or interviewing new employees because these tasks will get done in the background.

Medical Virtual assistants have a lot of benefits they offer the healthcare sector and their demand is currently on the rise. By utilizing a medical VA, you open your practice up to the benefits that come with using a VA, and its benefits go beyond these ten points.

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