As a medical practitioner, you know how important it is to focus on the core activities of your Practice. Here’s why working with a medical VA is so important.

You’re not alone if you sometimes feel that there aren’t enough hours in a day to get everything done. Almost all healthcare professionals say the same thing about managing a never-ending list of tasks. Fortunately, virtual assistants can be the perfect solution to this problem.

When it comes to running a medical practice, you have many tasks on your plate. The best way to practice medicine and treat patients is with a focused mind and a clear head. That’s where hiring or delegating tasks comes in handy. With an assistant by your side, you can focus on the medical aspects of your business and let them handle administrative tasks so that you don’t have to. Keep reading for all the reasons why you should think about getting a virtual office assistant in today’s environment. 

Basic things you can do with a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants productively take on a wide range of tasks and make your life easier. Some examples of the basic tasks you can assign to a VA include the following:

1. Administrative Tasks

Working with virtual Assistants feels like having an administrative assistant minus the office space. Unlike typical assistants, VAs work remotely and are responsible for a wide range of tasks including diary & calendar management, to-do lists to keep you organized, and more. From research to data entry, they’re there to help you reach your goals.

2. Personal Tasks

At times it can be challenging to maintain a busy schedule while trying to take care of personal responsibilities. In these scenarios, having help from a virtual assistant is key. Common VA tasks that give you more time include – setting agendas and calendars, making travel plans, either domestic or international, and searching for office supplies, basic stationery, and other items.

3. Finance Management

A virtual assistant can’t do accounting and taxes for you. This job requires a different level of expertise and training that your VA does not have. But a VA can help you with your bookkeeping tasks. You can assign important accounting-related tasks to a VA so that it becomes easier for you to maintain your finances. At the end of the tax season, when the IRS is making its rounds, your VA can maintain the budget and keep track of expenditures, so that everything’s transparent.

4. Managing Social Media Accounts

No matter what type of business you want to grow, you need social media engagement. In the digital world, managing social media is a necessary task for business growth. You can use it as an incredibly powerful weapon in your marketing strategies since it allows you to share content and engage with your followers. Working with a great virtual assistant ensures quality content is created, posts are scheduled, and you maintain your social media presence.

5. Research

Keeping up with research, a task that many entrepreneurs find both important and time-consuming is difficult if you don’t have enough hours in a day. Virtual assistants are dedicated, hard workers who can work when and where they want. They can assemble competitive intelligence by monitoring the competition’s products and services and analyzing customer trends. Their remote nature enables them to put in long hours gathering market data without distractions.

6. Customer Service

Good customer service is all about you and your customers. A virtual assistant can take phone calls or answer messages from your customers, resolving their issues or addressing inquiries. They’ll make sure the customer feels special, which will keep them coming back for more. That’s why you need dedicated professionals to improve customer service.

The Role of a Virtual Assistant

Sometimes, the job description for a virtual office assistant may change depending on factors that are different. However, here is a useful list to help you hire a virtual medical assistant that suits you


  • Online market research
  • Managing Calendar
  • Managing Appointments & Schedules
  • Online market research
  • Data Entry
  • Book for travel and accommodation
  • Social media management

Required skills

  • Time management and organizational skills
  • Good Communication skills
  • Microsoft Office© (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Skype)
  • Online calendars and scheduling (e.g. Google Calendar)
  • Familiarity with desktop sharing, cloud services, and VoIP
  • Past Experience as a Virtual Assistant or similar role

Why Choose a Virtual Assistant Over a Full-Time Employee?

People often wonder if it’s worth hiring a virtual assistant when they could just hire a full-time employee to do the same work. To understand the answer to this question, you need to understand the benefits of hiring a VA-

Besides paying a small fee, hiring VAs is a great way to save money. You’ll have no taxes, sick days or holiday leaves to cover, and they offer medical benefits too!

A qualified virtual assistant can be found easily with the skills or qualifications that you need. However, a full-time employee may not be skilled for every task.

No matter what the task, a full-time employee needs to be available during set hours. Compared to a virtual assistant, this means you pay for someone’s full-time dedication and attention.

Before you decide to hire a medical virtual assistant for your practice, you need to ensure they have the skillsets suited for the job. Experienced virtual assistants can be quickly integrated into your normal workflow – helping you relieve some of the stress of doing it all yourself. These tips for working with a virtual assistant will come in handy when scouting.

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