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Medical Virtual Assistant

Virtual Medical Assistants to help Doctors, Clinics, and Office Managers.

How Does Virtual Medical Assistant Help To Grow Your Practice?

Improve patient care in real-time

By providing real-time support and swift responses to patient inquiries, they're transforming the way medical professionals deliver care.

Increases Patient satisfaction

RTP Virtual Assistants optimize patient contentment by delivering virtual care with outstanding customer service.

Eliminating Visit bottlenecks

With RTP VA, you'll experience faster, more efficient outcomes that will reduce long wait times, and save time and money.

Stabilize Patient Schedule

With our virtual assistants, patient schedules can easily be tracked and managed with effortless speed and accuracy. Physicians can seamlessly keep track of their patient's records.

Improve Workflow In Crucial Tasks

Analyzing patient metrics, assessing vitals and other frequently time-consuming tasks can all be streamlined with our onboard remote assistant.

Reduce Staff Turnover

Our professionals help free up time for patient care, which reduces the number of employees and payroll.

Virtual Medical Assistant Services

Tasks that are crucial to your office but take a HUGE amount of staff time and attention.

Managing Appointments & Follow Up

Our Virtual Assistant can manage patient appointments and schedule follow-up appointments as needed.

Handling voicemails and faxes

Our virtual assistant can handle voicemails and faxes from patients, pharmacies, and other medical providers.

Phone Calls, Inbound call triage

Our VA triages inbound calls and ensures that patients are directed to the appropriate healthcare provider or department.

Referrals & Prior Authorizations

Our healthcare virtual assistant can submit referrals and prior authorizations on behalf of patients.

Outbound Calls (referral/lab follow-up)

Follow up with patients and medical providers regarding referrals and lab results.

Update Patient Demographics & Insurance Verification

Our VA can update patient demographics and verify insurance coverage to ensure accurate billing and claims processing.

Pre and Post-Chart Prep

Assist with pre-chart preparation by gathering patient medical history and current medications. Prepare post-chart summaries for medical providers to review after patient appointments.

Prescription Refills & Medication Management

Provide patient education answer questions regarding medical procedures and treatments, and offer resources for self-care and wellness.

Patient Education

Provide patient education answer questions regarding medical procedures and treatments, and offer resources for self-care and wellness.

We Work With All Specialties

RTP Virtual Assistants can improve workflow and make it easier for healthcare providers across all specialties.

Virtual Medical Scribe

Virtual Medical Receptionist

Virtual Administrative Assistant

Healthcare Virtual Assistant

Dental Virtual Assistants

Veterinary Virtual Assistants

Virtual Front Desk

Medical Transcription

Custom Office Needs

Benefits Of Hiring A Healthcare Virtual Assistant

Reduce Your Payroll By 20% To 40%

Our healthcare professionals can be cost-effective as they save money on salaries, benefits, and other expenses associated with hiring in-house staff.

Free In House Staff Time

Our Virtual Assistant automates many tasks such as scheduling appointments, verifying insurance, and billing patients. This allows medical staff focuses on providing high-quality patient treatment.

Access to a diverse skill set

RTP Virtual Assistants has a pool of talented VAs with various skill sets, ensuring you have access to a range of expertise to tackle any task or project.

Daily / Weekly Activity Reports

RTP provides Daily / Weekly Activity Reports. This helps the practice to ensure that all tasks are completed in a timely and efficient manner.

Limitless Range of Tasks

Many tasks in a clinical setting, include scheduling appointments, scribing, lab work, and more.

No Term Commitment

RTP understands that your needs will change over time, and we want to be able to adapt with you.

HIPAA Compliant

Our Virtual healthcare assistants are HIPAA compliant, assuring the most current privacy and security legislation.

Virtual Medical Assistants

Here are the most common questions people ask us when looking for a Virtual healthcare assistant service.

An RTP VA can free up 5-15 hours of your time each week. Their expertise in administrative support allows them to work faster than you, resulting in even greater savings of time.

Choose RTP for your medical practice if you need someone smart, experienced, and trained, with a college degree. We match you with the perfect person for your needs and manage your workload to ensure consistent availability.

Our virtual medical assistants have trained in HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) regulations and we use secure systems to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of patient information. They are qualified with medical assisting programs.

We offer communication via phone, email, and secure messaging platforms to ensure clear and timely communication.

We’d be glad to help. We recommend scheduling a free consultation Ask us any specific questions related to your practice and share your virtual assistance needs. We can find the right RTP VA for your practice.

Our virtual assistants don’t need any special equipment as they can work remotely from their computers. However, you will need to provide them with access to the necessary tools and systems. This may include email, online project management software, or other online tools and platforms.

RTP Virtual Assistants usually work 4-10 hour shifts, customizable to the needs of the medical office. They can provide 24/7 virtual healthcare services across all time zones.

Yes, RTP Virtual Assistants can be integrated with your in-house staff. Doing so can help save your valuable time to focus on more important tasks.

RTP VA is exclusive to one medical practice when assigned for over 30 hours per week. Each virtual assistant is limited to a max of 2 practices but the vast majority are exclusive.

There is no one fit answer to this question. The costs and benefits of hiring virtual medical assistant will vary and depend on your situation and what you need. A virtual medical assistant can be very useful for practices that are busy, such as organizing schedules, data entry, tracking medical records and patient data, insurance verifications, medical billing, and handling other administrative tasks.

Transform Your Medical Practice with Professional Virtual Support

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